Friday, October 16, 2015

According to Blood Type Personality Type

Each person would have a different personality from each other. Many things become factors causing differences in the type of personality a person one of which is the blood type. According to a study stating that blood type can indeed affect a person's personality. However, only levels can only be determined from the surrounding environment. Now we just know we kerpibadian types according to blood type.

This is the type of Blood

Blood Type O
Someone who has blood type O, it is a very energetic, open and social. In addition they also are the most flexible in comparison with all other blood types.

Blood Type A
Someone who has blood type A is the type of person that has properties very organized, consistent and easy to work together. Disadvantages those with type A blood group is shy dibandingkah with ainnya group.

Blood Type B
People who have blood type B is the one who has the most relaxing properties. Besides, he also tends uncooperative, preferring to rules-atauran. Where it prefers ideas that exist in the mind of its own.

Blood Type AB
Someone who has blood type AB has type it is difficult to predict. They have different characteristics in the same time. Such as for example can be very shy and can suddenly be otherwise.

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