Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Natural Amazing pool

Swim in the open is indeed the most pleasant thing. Moreover, the water used comes from natural springs. In this world there is a natural swimming pool which has a stunning beauty. Even some people who are willing to travel a distance for hours to days just to get to that location.

Following an extremely amazing lamu

1. Gippsland Lakes, Australia. This is one of the largest inland water in Australia. This natural lake is fabulous with the atmosphere is quiet and coined the algae blooming plants on the banks of the lake. It is very suitable for brand ayang want to swim while enjoying the stars at night.

2. Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman. Oman region that tends to heat makes this place become an idol for tourists. This natural pond located in the area Nawiyat Najm Park. This pool has a circular decoration that is attractive to tourists. You can also enjoy the thrill of swimming with the small fish in a natural pond.

3. Navasu falls, USA. Besides the beauty of Arizona and the Grand Canyon waterfall, the United States also have the water attractions like Hasafu Falls. This is a charming waterfall that have reached 45 meters high. This waterfall have the shape turquoise and beautiful and there is a natural pond that is suitable for you if you want to enjoy the sensation of swimming in the open.

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